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Within the extensive news coverage of the Thailand cave rescue was a report that a Buddhist monk wrote a message to the newly-found soccer team. It was delivered by divers during the uncertainty of a rescue plan which included the possibility of having to wait months for the monsoon rains to end:


"Be Patient. Try to build your encouragement from the inside. This energy will give you the power to survive."  



The act of giving support, confidence or hope.



Continue to live or exist, in spite of danger, hardship; 

manage to keep going in difficult circumstances.



The monk's worthy counsel is equally applicable to all. His advice can be personalizes by substituting the word "survive" with one that captures with the uniqueness of your own situation – such as succeedunderstand or thrive


When you practice this advice – build your encouragement from the inside – you will discover a sense of Self-empowerment. Negative noise and need are counteracted by truth that resonates from within the soul. "You can do it!"


Also reported, the team's coach, a Buddhist meditation practitioner, taught the boys to meditate to keep calm as they waited days in the darkness without food before they were found by British divers. Their meditations must have had an immeasurable effect on them because once released from the hospital eleven of the boys entered a Buddhist monastery as an expression of gratitude, spending 9 days immersed in the traditions of Buddhist meditation and philosophy.


The selfless, international response that provided expertise and manpower for this rescue was indeed beautiful. The appreciation the local residents showed for the rescue effort – including setting up food stalls to feed all the many volunteers and the soccer team's family members – was truly beautiful as well.


Many loving prayers to the rescue diver who gave his life in this effort. May love and prayer comfort his soul and his family.


"You're braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem,
And smarter than you think."

 – Winne-the-Pooh; A.A.Milne



Symmetry and Harmony


Within the beauty of pysanky there is a harmonious display of balance and symmetry. A guideline grid that divides the egg into sections makes symmetry easier to achieve.



Lengthwise: Top Image

Draw a line around the egg dividing it in half, then another line dividing it into fourths. Continue until the egg is divided into eight equal sections.


Widthwise: Second Image

Draw a line encircling the middle of the egg. This center line creates a top and bottom section. Draw a line that encircles the middle of each of these sections.


This is the basic guideline grid. The lines that the grid contains can be increased or decreased, depending on the complexity or simplicity of the design. 

Write Prayer

.... Symbolism ....

Having no beginning and no end, the circle symbolizes eternity. The egg is the symbol for the soul – our inherent and eternal connection to God. 


.... Prayer ....

Although outer attention is directed towards creating the guideline grid, the prayer writer's inner awareness and thought is focused on the eternal nature of the soul and in petitioning the Divine for the guidance that will rightly lead one to understand the wisdom and joy of the soul. 

Design Elements: Images Below

With the grid guidelines in place, the intended pysanka design symbols are added, either first with pencil or directly with beeswax, until the pysanka is complete.

Self-empowerment Blog 8.jpg

"I once asked a bird, 'How is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness?' She responded, 'love lifts me.'"    – Hafiz








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