Pysanky Symbols - Talismanic Writing

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Symbols on pysanky – the details and colors creating the dynamic beauty of these Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanky) – are symbols that inherently convey deeper meaning and purpose. The symbolic, wax-resist art of pysanky, believed to date to ancient times, is described by folklore as a talismanic writing that brings good fortune – a writing that can best be described today as a spiritual practice that embraces the pursuit of happiness by increasing awareness of God and His willingness to help in life’s journey. Illustrated with pysanky from a decades-old family collection, this site explores the symbol’s spiritual (talismanic) nature as prayer and how simply handwriting prayer can awaken the eternal truth that God’s omnipresent, all-pervading love is knowable, and indeed desirable.  

pysanky- symbols-pussywillow.jpg

pysanky- symbols-concentration.jpg
pysanky- symbols-red.jpg
pysanky- symbols-harvest.jpg

pysanky- symbols-tree.jpg
pysanky- symbols-blue.jpg
pysanky- symbols-flower.jpg

pysanky- symbols-lace.jpg
pysanky- symbols-blue.jpg
pysanky- symbols-circle.jpg

pysanky- symbols-reindeer.jpg
pysanky- symbols-green.jpg
pysanky- symbols-cross.jpg

pysanky- symbols-small-circles.jpg
pysanky- symbols-white.jpg
pysanky- symbols-ladder.jpg


Hidden within the beauty of the pysanky is the secret of an ancient talismanic writing.


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